Virginia Senate Rejects School Board Power Play

Yesterday’s news from the Virginia Senate was extraordinary.  Half the Democrats joined with all the Republicans to reject the latest power play by Northern Virginia School Boards.  The Senate voted 29-9 to allow parents to opt out of local mask mandates for students in public schools.  The House of Delegates will almost surely endorse this…

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Virginia Senate Committee Kills Youngkin Education Bill

Virginia General Assembly

Introduction Glenn Youngkin, Virginia’s Governor for only a few weeks, has attempted to make education reform a top priority, but the Democrat controlled Virginia Senate is united in opposition.  On Thursday, February 3, a Senate Committee killed a key Youngkin proposal relating to Critical Race Theory. Youngkin was elected in November 2021 after an education-focused…

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Gov. Youngkin’s Executive Order No. 1 Addresses Education

Glenn Youngkin was sworn in as Virginia Governor yesterday, January 15, 2022.  As his first act in office, he signed Executive Order No. 1, which addresses Critical Race Theory and other divisive education policies.  A copy of the Executive Order is HERE. The Order is a significant step in the right direction, but it is not…

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